2nd January, Brighton


Hello everybody and Happy New Year. It's bitterly cold here, but wonderfully bracing, especially down on the beach. Fantastic sunsets in the evening, but you can't go out without dressing as though you were in Siberia!  

3rd January, Brighton


It's been so cold here for the last few days that the sea has frozen!  The swans were somewhat alarmed when they tried to land on ice and found that they slid right across it - here's one coming in to land at Portslade.  

10th January, Cornwall


Vivian, Hamish and I flew down to Newquay from Gatwick for Paul's 81st birthday. There's a lot of discussion at home about having a dog, but nobody can agree what breed we should have!  Vivian wants a borzoi, Hamish would like an alsation and Lottie fancies a dalmation! Suspect that we'll settle for a labrador - Hamish would be happy.

London, 14th January


Vivian left for Florida today and after taking him to the airport, I went to London to have lunch with my friend Candy who introduced me to Jimdo.

After lunch I walked along the Thames, thinking that I might finally get to ride the London Eye...but it was closed for maintenance.  It's still an impressive sight, especially in the fog.